Undead Campaign Setting

From the Journal of Browar Kulna
Entry 1
Day One – Istine 12th, 1028 RE

Well we’ve done it. We have finally left Haven. Though this didn’t happen without some interesting events happening. After our business was done with Kedrin and Aergho, we headed to the church because Father Gerald had wished to speak with us. We arrived and as soon as we did we took a walk to a ceremonial area on top of the hill. He knighted me into the Order of the Radiant Blade. I feel so honored to have been added to this Order. However after the ceremony, we encountered Katriona, She was raving on and on about how we were being sent to our deaths. One thing that did concern me was that little Sarah had gone missing. She said that someone named the Night Lord had taken her. This did concern me. Father Gerald I know has had previous concerns for her well being, I now see why. However, she angered Father Gerald which surprised me. She slapped the Father causing him to stumble backwards in which I caught him. We decided that it was best to leave with Father to go to the Cloud Gate now. When we arrived, we discovered how truly huge the gate really was. When Captain Rallen Oakhurst guards came to talk to us, he drew a very basic map in the dirt but we were glad to have had any point of reference. When the time came for the guards to unlock the gate, the wait felt like an eternity. But during that wait I examined the gate somewhat and noticed strange symbols. I don’t know if they’re protection symbols of long ago; but If I see them again I must make sure to take note of them. But once the gate did open, it did so with the shaking as if Coell himself was coming down to Haven. As soon as it inched opened, Meliai sprinted out of the gate in a cloud of dust. What have I gotten myself into?

Day Two – Istine 13th, 1028 RE

Our greatest fears have been realized. The undead do still roam this Earth. These unholy, foul wretches of the world are still a threat to unprotected peoples safety. But before further explanation, I feel I must tell of the rest of the day. Our first night outside of Haven; I must say that it was one of great concern. But I must thank Coell that nothing of significance happened throughout the night. Having walked into unfamiliar territory we were all nervous but for sometime it seemed as if all was fine. The woods looked like any would at home. However it was until we reached what looked like ruins it all turned downwards. We reached a fallen gate with similar design as to what the Cloud Gate had. It was made from the same black stone and had the same symbols down. But just as soon as we had cleared the first area of rubble, they came. First to spot one was Indigo. It was a horrible creature, eyes of red, skin of black, teeth of a predator. It was everything the stories had. A number of them came at us. It was a great challenge for all of us but we somehow made it through. Our swords, our armor, and our magic all stayed true and protected us. However it seems that though we escaped with some cuts and bruises, one of us still got sick. Meliai has come down with what we have deemed as “ghoul fever”. The effects seem to come from a ghoul’s claws and bite. The symptoms seem to be loss of stamina and health. After our battle, we stood amongst ourselves recalling all the stories of the past now retold in an instant. The breath we took felt like it could never be regained. After discussing with Nymhe about the creatures, we remembered them to be called Ghouls. They are fearsome creatures who have powerful side effects if weak to their attacks. But one of the most concerning things was the last creature we faced. This things was like a ghoul but yet seemed more focused. It wielded a weapon like any other person and was very hard to deal with. But after many attacks, it was taken down like any other monster. Dear Coell, what have we gotten ourselves into?

Day Three – Istine 13th, 1028 RE

Even more calamity has arisen in our journey. After a very upsetting day, we somehow were able to let sleep guide us through the night. I wonder now at times like these how Father Gerald is doing. I pray that he is safe as well as the rest of Haven. Coell’s light still continues to burn bright in my soul and guides me. My friends though shaken, do not seem to be so afraid that wish to turn back. I am glad for this so that we can move forward with our task. My concerns lie for Meliai, as she still seems to be affected by the ghoul fever. I don’t know how long this affliction last but it seems that a skill I picked up from Father Gerald in the clergy seems to be alleviating some of the effects gradually. But we learned of even more horrors when we entered the cave. We had reached the cave the captain told us about and entered. The first actual room we encountered was a straight chasm. The floor had frigid water from what we guessed was leaking water. As we stepped into the water and enter the main room, mysterious black shadows attacked. They attacked Indigo first and then came after us. After swinging a few times, I noticed that the unblessed weapons weren’t doing anything to affect them. Even as I attacked with Holy Surge, it was rendered ineffective. Battling these incorporeal creatures proved to be difficult and quite the annoyance. After we had finally disposed of the monsters, also seemed to learn of there effects. If attacked and you had not the stronger will, the shadow would drain you strength and stamina from you. Though we’re learning of the world, we never expected it to truly be this fearsome. However a spell Nymhe and I have learned seems to lessen the severity of the symptoms. And a skill which I learned which I have called “Spurning Deaths Touch” seems be another effective way of treating these diseases. After the battle, we came to a central room the led to 3 other hallways that led to darkness. However we were greeted by a very unexpected foe. A swarm of skeleton rats came after Meliai first, swarming over her entire body. I entered the fray but was soon swarmed as well. The rest of the party I believe was covered, but I could not be sure for I know that I was panicking. The rats biting and clawing gave me some damage and unlike large enemies, I could not attack them with a sword. I had to resort to beating upon myself with my fists. Luckily we made it through somehow and were able to continue on. We chose the path on the right. Though waiting for us there was yet another challenge. As we entered we saw a set of stairs that led up to what looked to be a giant door. However waiting for us was a giant spider. First to get stuck was Indigo. He however was able to set himself free. I in my haste however got stuck in the web and had a much harder time with it. This web is something that even brute force could not handle easily. And just as we found one problem, another more sinister one came. A giant spider came down from the ceiling, Slamming Indigo to the floor. However he was able to get free and was able to finish off the spider quite effectively. After regaining ourselves we examined the room and discovered a symbol of some kind. Meliai immediately went to studying it. Meliai identified it as a circle which could open a door. As soon as we received this information, for some reason, Indigo proceeded to cut his hand and let the blood fall onto the circle. Meliai seemed to somewhat encourage this. Coell help us. Will we constantly be faced with these atrocities? I pray for my friend’s mental health. However despite such attempts, the door did not open. Feelings tired we decided to stay in the room and sleep, taking guard shifts through out the night.

Day Four – Istine 15th , 1028 RE

Dear Coell, has it already been 4 days? It feels like a lifetime has passed before us. A week ago, we had gave no thought to the possibility of the foul undead and yet, here we are destroying moving corpses. I pray that there souls reach Heaven and gain final peace and rest. For us though, it seems like rest will not come to us anytime soon. After waking in the spider room, we prepared our magic and our minds. My companions, though normal through and through have shown mental toughness against these undead. I count myself lucky to be traveling with these people, the Elders made wise choices.
We left the room and came back to the 4 way room. We proceeded to go straight. We entered a small room which had a small puddle in it. Also in the room was a small chest across the room. I noticed the puddle twitch as we entered but I played it off as a water droplet falling. There were prismatic colored mushrooms surrounding the puddle which I felt were odd but did not think too much of it. However as soon as Indigo and I neared the puddle it rose up, attacking Indigo first. As Indigo slashed the form, it split into 2 pieces. Now we were faced with two entities to battle. Having seen this, I grabbed for a large rock and proceeded to do what sort of damage I could do against this thing. However, it was our magical members of the party that proved most effective this time around. The fire they cast dealt with the creatures with great result. After our battle, Indigo immediately went to open the chest by himself. I worry about his greed and have started to question his thoughts and actions. I myself am glad that no one has been critically injured or died yet. However as he opened the chest a dagger flew out of the chest and into him dealing a flesh wound of serious nature. I guess this is what Karma is? Meliai retrieved some of the oddly colored mushrooms. I guess to study them for usage of possible weapons somehow? After retrieving the treasure, we walked back to the central corridor. We entered the last tunnel and walked. After what seems like hours, we entered a room. As we entered we had to cross a bridge. We heard the sound of rushing water, meaning that if we were to go in, it would be our last moments alive. As we crossed the bridge, I noticed the ruins across to be similar like the Cloud Gate and the other ruins. I am now very curious as to what civilization made such things and places and where they are now? However, my mind would soon focus towards the center of the room. In the center of the room sat a pedestal. On the pedestal sat a pale white skull. As soon as we were at the end of the bridge, its eyes glowed a powerful blood red. The skull rose and looked at us with intent. This sent chills down my spine, to think that such unholy things existed. And then with a horrible raspy voice it spoke to us. As a buzz of thoughts went through my mind, I picked up the mention of the Night Lord. Did this mean that he was real? That the old stories I took for naught were true? And suddenly, I thought of Sarah. What if she really was taken and Katriona wasn’t out of touch with reality? This sent chills down my spine. But before we could talk, he rose higher with a deathly screeching noise and suddenly exploded. I was deafened and some of the party as well. But we weren’t given time to regain ourselves. Fading into the room were a unit of skeletons. They came for us immediately. But on the fly, I used a skill which enabled me to turn undead. This destroyed a great number of them and we easily dealt with the last remaining few. However this ordeal had me truly shaken to my core. This skull had verified the existence of the Night Lord. If he truly existed then our mission would turn a lot darker than it already had. Though mentally shaken we pressed forward for what seemed a few hours. But soon we heard and smelled fresh air. As we rushed ourselves, we entered one last room. It was similar to the spider room. As we walked up the stairs, ghouls entered but did not charge. As we prepared for the attackers, a figure cloaked in black entered last. He looked at us and said something to the ghouls. They charged us as if possessed by an almost animal-like tenacity. As dealt with the ghouls. The black robed one chanting something and a snake-like monster appeared near Meliai, attacking her. As I rushed to her aid, he fired a bolt of crimson at her causing her to run in fear from the battle. Soon after, I was hit as well. I was suddenly overcome with fear. I don’t know why this was but yet my feet could not stop for anything. I fled into the tunnels once again in pitch black. But soon the effects left me and I was able to return to the last room. But yet as I entered, I found Indigo consuming 2 mushrooms I recognized to be from the blob room. He seemed to be shaking uncontrollably for some reason. Near him was a pool of vomit. My initial thought was that it was maybe from a ghoul attack. As I looked at my other companions I saw that Nymhe was near the entrance doing something and Meliai looked oddly pleased at something. I went to talk to Indigo but he had already eaten them. Strangely a moment later, a look of peace came over his face and then he collapsed. Having not dealt with the art of healing, I felt that I may do more harm than good. I asked Nymhe for help but she said that she was out of healing spells. I turned to Meliai but she was chuckling to herself and scribbling something down. As I turned to talk to Meliai, Nymhe came saying that some ghouls were returning. We prepared ourselves and took down the ghouls with ease. As we rested I thought of the black robed one. If an undead can cast magic then this means that there many types of undead that we will face in the future. This thought seemed only to darken my mood. Suddenly, Indigo popped up and looked around. He seemed very perturbed for some reason. But then a look of worry came over his face. He said that there a poor boy from a poor family and that we needed to spare his life from some monstrosity? We all looked puzzled at him and this seemed to only make angry. When we reached outside, Indigo said that the sun was setting due to its purple color. But being broad daylight we all had to question his thoughts. Yet none of us said a word.

From the Diary of Indigo Cairnway- Entry 1

So,I didn’t really think I’d need this journal my Dad gave me but uh…some things happened today. Things have gotten progressively weirder and weirder. First! I saw a bunch of scary naked guys who bite and scratch at us. Browar said they were ghouls. Our friends who got bit by them felt sick the next few days. Then, we went into this cave where there were MORE ghouls, some ghost people, skeleton-rats, and a giant glob of what I can only assume is what happens when human waste isn’t properly disposed of. Now, around these things were mushrooms. A bunch of different mushrooms of various colors. Meliai took one of each 4 color. Then we went on. I made some jokes, people didn’t laugh because they suck, and I drew mean pictures of them on the cave walls when we stopped. No one seemed to notice.

Anywho, we wound up fighting more ghouls and a cloaked skeleton that knew magic. We beat him and scared off some of the ghouls, but had a feeling they’d be back. So we waited. WHILE we waited (and this is where it gets REALLY weird, my friend Meliai told me to eat one of the mushrooms she picked up. I asked her what they did. She said “They’ll make you smell in such a way that the ghouls won’t come back.” This sounded like a GREAT idea! So I ate it. Instantly, she backed up 15 feet. I was confused as to why. Maybe it affected her a little? Then I threw up 15 feet. It drenched the foot of her cloak and I felt really weak. She apologized and told me that this other one would make me feel better. I trusted her. She was my friend after all. Why would she want to betray me? I ate it. A couple seconds passed this time and suddenly I felt like I was in the middle of an earthquake. I was a little mad now. Clearly she didn’t know what these did and she was just testing them on me. Then she handed me the other two after giving me a health potion. “Here”, she said “These two combined will make EVERYTHING better.” I didn’t want to believe her. “Fool me once, shame on you.” I thought. But something in her eyes said I could trust her. Something in that wild mage smile said “I promise everything will be ok.” So I ate them. Now here’s where things get a little bit complicated and A LOT crazy.

I found myself in a shadowy world getting pulled further and further away from my fellow adventurers. Suddenly, all was completely black, but I stood on a pedestal of sorts. A voice echoed in harmonic tune asking profound questions of me. I didn’t know how to answer them. I looked skyward to see if anything could help me. As I did, I was suddenly in a field. The sky above me was purple and the sun a deep dark navy green. I looked at the world around me and found myself standing and striped red rocks. A child in front of me cried for it’s mother as he told me the story of how he had run away from home because out of cold blood and malice, he murdered a man from his town. The child could not have been more than 10. He began to run away from me holding a knife to his throat saying that it was time he too passed on. I chased after him to convince him otherwise but the second I moved, I fell an infinite amount of miles into blackness until I landed hard onto a metal springy rectangle. A masked man called me by a name I didn’t know and asked me to dance with copies of himself. Did he too hold a wand of multiple handsome? A storm approached as suddenly I stood in a court of law where the boy begged for forgiveness. I sang out with many others to forgive him of his sins, but the elders would have nothing of it and sentenced him to an eternity in hell.

Immediately after this, I woke up. My fellow adventurers were all staring down at me. The talking still went on in my head. The boy cried out for help one more time declaring he would be in the direction that the wind blew. I asked them repeatedly what happened. No one said a fucking word. I’m getting annoyed with these fellow adventurers. They may have well sent me off with a team of stone golems.

We walked outside and the light blinded me. By the looks of the sky, the sun was setting. But no one wanted to make camp. None of us were tired, and stranger still Meliai held up a blue cloth to me which I recognized instantly. She grimaced a bit and tried to move on. I looked up again. The sun was high in the sky. The sky had followed me form my visions. That young boy is out there and he needs our help. I swear from this day forward, I will rescue this young lad from whatever dangers he faces currently and I will find him, any way the wind blows.

-Indigo Cairnway (date smudged)

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