Undead Campaign Setting

From the Diary of Indigo Cairnway- Entry 1

So,I didn’t really think I’d need this journal my Dad gave me but uh…some things happened today. Things have gotten progressively weirder and weirder. First! I saw a bunch of scary naked guys who bite and scratch at us. Browar said they were ghouls. Our friends who got bit by them felt sick the next few days. Then, we went into this cave where there were MORE ghouls, some ghost people, skeleton-rats, and a giant glob of what I can only assume is what happens when human waste isn’t properly disposed of. Now, around these things were mushrooms. A bunch of different mushrooms of various colors. Meliai took one of each 4 color. Then we went on. I made some jokes, people didn’t laugh because they suck, and I drew mean pictures of them on the cave walls when we stopped. No one seemed to notice.

Anywho, we wound up fighting more ghouls and a cloaked skeleton that knew magic. We beat him and scared off some of the ghouls, but had a feeling they’d be back. So we waited. WHILE we waited (and this is where it gets REALLY weird, my friend Meliai told me to eat one of the mushrooms she picked up. I asked her what they did. She said “They’ll make you smell in such a way that the ghouls won’t come back.” This sounded like a GREAT idea! So I ate it. Instantly, she backed up 15 feet. I was confused as to why. Maybe it affected her a little? Then I threw up 15 feet. It drenched the foot of her cloak and I felt really weak. She apologized and told me that this other one would make me feel better. I trusted her. She was my friend after all. Why would she want to betray me? I ate it. A couple seconds passed this time and suddenly I felt like I was in the middle of an earthquake. I was a little mad now. Clearly she didn’t know what these did and she was just testing them on me. Then she handed me the other two after giving me a health potion. “Here”, she said “These two combined will make EVERYTHING better.” I didn’t want to believe her. “Fool me once, shame on you.” I thought. But something in her eyes said I could trust her. Something in that wild mage smile said “I promise everything will be ok.” So I ate them. Now here’s where things get a little bit complicated and A LOT crazy.

I found myself in a shadowy world getting pulled further and further away from my fellow adventurers. Suddenly, all was completely black, but I stood on a pedestal of sorts. A voice echoed in harmonic tune asking profound questions of me. I didn’t know how to answer them. I looked skyward to see if anything could help me. As I did, I was suddenly in a field. The sky above me was purple and the sun a deep dark navy green. I looked at the world around me and found myself standing and striped red rocks. A child in front of me cried for it’s mother as he told me the story of how he had run away from home because out of cold blood and malice, he murdered a man from his town. The child could not have been more than 10. He began to run away from me holding a knife to his throat saying that it was time he too passed on. I chased after him to convince him otherwise but the second I moved, I fell an infinite amount of miles into blackness until I landed hard onto a metal springy rectangle. A masked man called me by a name I didn’t know and asked me to dance with copies of himself. Did he too hold a wand of multiple handsome? A storm approached as suddenly I stood in a court of law where the boy begged for forgiveness. I sang out with many others to forgive him of his sins, but the elders would have nothing of it and sentenced him to an eternity in hell.

Immediately after this, I woke up. My fellow adventurers were all staring down at me. The talking still went on in my head. The boy cried out for help one more time declaring he would be in the direction that the wind blew. I asked them repeatedly what happened. No one said a fucking word. I’m getting annoyed with these fellow adventurers. They may have well sent me off with a team of stone golems.

We walked outside and the light blinded me. By the looks of the sky, the sun was setting. But no one wanted to make camp. None of us were tired, and stranger still Meliai held up a blue cloth to me which I recognized instantly. She grimaced a bit and tried to move on. I looked up again. The sun was high in the sky. The sky had followed me form my visions. That young boy is out there and he needs our help. I swear from this day forward, I will rescue this young lad from whatever dangers he faces currently and I will find him, any way the wind blows.

-Indigo Cairnway (date smudged)



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